Appraiser for the Insurance Company

No matter how hard you try, negotiations sometimes fail and your are left with having to use the appraisal provisions of the policy in order to conclude a loss.  For over 15 years, Joe Zynel has been retained by the carriers and through counsel to act as the appraiser on behalf of the insurance company on many claims that could not be settled.  In today’s claims climate the appraisal process is being used more and more to settle difficult and routine claims.  Please contact us to act as your appraiser on your next loss.  We will be happy to provide you with references from current clients.  The key to a successful appraisal is working with the other appraiser to mutually agree on an award.   If an award cannot be reached then it is important that a truly impartial and competent umpire is picked so that a fair award is reached.   We have had great results in concluding appraisals with our clients, let us help you with yours!